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Permanent exhibition


Espace Ballon invites you to discover the balloon adventure from every angle. From Icarus to Piccard, let yourself be carried away by the history of the lighter than the air. The 1st non-stop world tour of the Breitling Orbiter; the flight in the stratosphere of Auguste Piccard.

Special hours during the International Balloon Festival. 9:30 - 18:00 every day, free entry upon presentation of the Festival ticket.

Temporary exhibition

Back to basics for this new temporary exhibition. Presentation through a logbook of the different stages and activities of the hot air balloon. Come and discover this magical universe of balloon flight. A competition allows to win 5 balloon flights.



Exhibition from July 7, 2020.

tailor-made events

Corporate outings, school races, birthdays, as many opportunities that deserve to be organized with professionalism and originality ... In the colorful and spacious space of the Espace Ballon, your receptions will take a particular dimension, adorned with 'a taste ride among local local products ... For more information contact us!

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